Aviation and ground services

Al Awsaj Aviation & Ground Services Company is a registered and certified company of the Civil Aviation Authority of Libya. Our main goal in aviation is to fully satisfy our customers by providing the best possible services for their aircraft at all airports in Libya.

Our services are carried out by professional and experienced staff who have worked in the field of aviation for many years and have good relations with all the authorities concerned, so our customers relax in dealing with us because we offer everything the pilot or captain needs for any flight from start to finish. We offer a face.

Our Services

ground Services

We have a team always ready to provide the necessary services for all types of aircraft, where our team is waiting for your trips to provide all types of services needed by the aircraft and without delay and in a proper manner by specialists for each service required

Flight Plan

We provide the pilot with his flight plan as well as the expected weather conditions for his destination and all this when the aircraft arrives through the civil aviation group inside the airport or when received from the operator.

Landing permits

In coordination with the Civil Aviation Authority, the company provides all types of landing permits in the shortest possible time.

Transit Permits

We offer transit visas to cross Libyan airspace in the shortest possible time through our contact with civil aviation in Libya. We also provide permits from any other country with which we have a relationship.


Our goal is time. We coordinate with Brega in advance so that our aircraft are equipped with fuel needs as soon as possible so there is no delay in paying fees. We maintain the time and money of our customers.


We provide all types of accommodation for air crews in all grades within Libyan hotels according to their desire. Our company also provides convenient transportation services for air crews from any other country.

Travel and tourism services

We offer a complete service including: means of communication, various means of navigation, cruises, car rental, renting homes, providing mobile homes and accommodation throughout the country. Special offers apply for extended stays, family, companies or groups. An opportunity to explore the tourist attractions in Libya, including landmarks of nature, civilization and history, by providing the existing comfort to enjoy tourism in the country. Our services extend beyond Libya to neighboring countries in the region and specifically in Egypt and Tunisia and our partners in these countries provide an extension of our integrated services to customers. Our offices also offer ticketing, health insurance and hotel booking services .

Work permits and visas

We provide visas for tours and businessmen. We are entitled to issue visas directly from Libyan embassies abroad. In the near future, we will be able to arrange work permits for those wishing to work in Libya. At the same time, we are still building contacts with the relevant authorities and parties concerned locally and globally.